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after the storm

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how touching
to exist after the storm


humble hut

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humble hut–
with baby sparrows


to tangle or untangle

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to tangle or untangle
the willow—
it’s up to the wind


Images: Desert Willow / Tucson, AZ / May 2012

green grass

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green grass–
between the blades
the color of water

~Chiyo-ni (1703-1775)

images: Mormon tea / Tucson, AZ / May  2012


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the tube of cadmium yellow
squeezed flat

~D. Claire Gallagher

images: Mexican tree sunflowers / Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum / March 2012

In my hut this spring

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In my hut this spring,
there is nothing–
there is everything!

~Yamaguchi Sodo (1642-1716)

image: Hobo Kitty / Tucson, AZ / April 2012


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first light
spilling into the creek bed
desert poppies

image: Mexican gold poppy / Tucson, AZ / April 2012