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after the storm

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how touching
to exist after the storm




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the tube of cadmium yellow
squeezed flat

~D. Claire Gallagher

images: Mexican tree sunflowers / Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum / March 2012


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first light
spilling into the creek bed
desert poppies

image: Mexican gold poppy / Tucson, AZ / April 2012

A voiceless flower

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A voiceless flower
speaks to the obedient
in-listening ear

~Uejima Onitsura


strawberry hedgehog cactus / Tucson, AZ / April 2012

along the path

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along the path
backlit clovers shimmer
morning breeze

image: Dalea pringlei (Pringle’s Prairie Clover) / Tucson, AZ / April 2012


is even the beggar

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is even the beggar
singing a song?
blossom shade


image:  Palo Verde tree / Tucson, AZ / April 2011