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first light
spilling into the creek bed
desert poppies

image: Mexican gold poppy / Tucson, AZ / April 2012

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  1. Perfection in its simplicity. And I love that you’ve created this, another, blog with haiku. I’ve tried at various times in my life to write haiku but I just can’t…I cannot write with such splendid conciseness…see even here, I am running on and on! LOL

  2. Hi Darla, I’m glad you like my new blog! At this point, I enjoy learning about and reading haiku more than writing them. It is fun to post images to go with the short poems.

  3. I have been writing haiku for a few years now and I really enjoy this form of writing.
    Why I like haiku is because you have to really think about the words, enjoy the sound, rhythm and be quiet while writing.
    I have posted several on my blog with the photos that have inspired me.
    Beautiful photo and haiku.
    What a wonderful and very interesting new blog.

    cheers, parsnip

    • Hello Parsnip, Welcome to my haiku blog! I adore the nature haiku that I see from time to time on your blog, I recall one not too long ago about a dragon in the clouds. :)


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